Sunday, November 11, 2012

Let's Start Again

I started to blog about our homeschool last year, but then it fizzled.  I actually remember what happened.  A rather large type of repair happened right at Christmas time, then our family ended up going to the Appalachian Mountains to do some volunteer work and I did not have internet while there so I lost momentum.  Now, however, I think we can get the momentum back.  I will try to post something weekly to let you see what is going on here at Vanderhoof School of Excellence.  For now let me post some pictures of this school year.

These were from our trip to the Indianapolis Children's Museum.

Of course no school year is complete without a sick day.  I told Caleb that day when he had the stomach flu that he sure knows how to get out of school.  He told me that school is much more fun than the stomach flu.

Reformation Day. 

Here are just some pictures around our schoolroom this year which ironically I feel like we school all over the house more this year than in this room.

We are studying anatomy and physiology in science this year.  So we traced ourselves and I trace different organs, bones, etc and we discuss what they are, color them, and then put them on the body tracings.

This is a sample of our year so far.  We love school and are so glad the Lord called us to homeschool.  We look forward to actually sharing our journey with you this time.

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